Dengon Net April 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The April 2017 issue of the Japanese community paper Dengon Net featured a striking vintage Kimono and an unusual abstract lineal motif Obi pairing with brightly coloured accessories based around a theme of 'wearable art'.

Set in the grounds of the Heide Museum of Modern Art's sculpture park, the bold approach to traditional kimono styling highlighted the way in which the abstract motifs of the vintage textiles are mirrored by the array sculpture on display by Australian and international artists including Emily Floyd, Inge King, Neil Taylor and many others.


Wardrobe   Kazari + Ziguzagu
Stylist   Sala Okabe W: salaokabe.com
Photographer   Rina Kakioka W: rinasmilephotography.com
Model   Miho Ishii Instagram: @mihoishii_japan

Instagram: @kimono_biyori_au