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It's a wrap : The Design Co-op

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


After some excellent planning and a few solid days of setting up, The Design Co-op kicked off in style with a packed opening on Friday 24th March. Big thanks to Liz (@onefineprint) and Anne-Claire (@anacastudio) for their hard work in bringing together so many different artists, makers, designers and importers. Check out this short video from the event and images below.

Dining Area - designed by Manuela Millan of Meanwhile in Melbourne beautifully styled with an assortment of our
antique and vintage Japanese pottery tea bowls, plates, vases and decor objects.


Hall way - designed by Manuela Millan of Meanwhile in Melbourne featuring our
very own GIANT cast bronze sculpture of a Rhino

Office space - designed by Manuela Millan of Meanwhile in Melbourne incorporating a contemporary Japanese seto pottery
vase with abstract design in black and white by Kato Reikichi. The full bio and product can be found here.

Entrance - designed by Fiona Parry-Jones of Von Haus Interiors incorporating a contemporary Japanese vase with gold
kintsugi repairs, a contemporary bronze sculpture of a crab and a Chinese pottery parrot.

Bedroom & Study - designed by Lauren Li of Sisalla incorporating an assortment of Kazari's decor objects, including
mizusashi, vases, and Peking glass from the recent Chinese shipment.


Photo credit: Elizabeth Bull