Incense burners

If you are looking for a unique incense burner to burn your incense sticks or cones, or to use as striking decoration, check out our range of burners in contemporary Chinese crackle glaze ceramic, vintage Japanese Nabeshima pottery, antique and contemporary Chinese bronze and much more. We stock incense items at a variety of prices, so you can find one that suits your budget. If you are interested in an incense burner for outside in the garden, we recommend selecting a larger one so that it can really make a statement. Some of our bronze burners have already developed a lovely patina, but a contemporary piece will develop its own over time. We also stock smaller incense burners for indoors and our contemporary bronze burners would be perfect for a coffee table or entryway table. An incense holder can add life and character to an outdoor area or can be used practically as a place to drop your keys at the end of the day. For other antique and 20th century vintage items browse our selection of bronze, collectables, ikebana, lacquer, pottery, and tea ceremony items.