Louise Weaver



Curated Collection

by Louise Weaver

Kazari invited Melbourne based artist Louise Weaver to select and discuss some favourite objects for our latest curated collection. She explains, “Inspiration for my work comes from an eclectic range of sources. I adore this obento box from the Meiji period (19th Century). I find myself dreaming of evening picnics, listening to the long grass rustling in the warm breeze as I lie on my back gazing at the stars. This indigo dyed ‘boro’ panel is made of unusually fine woven hemp, lovingly repaired over many years of thoughtful use. Imagine the joy of owning this Edo period (18th Century) choba-dansu with hidden drawers and panels… I couldn’t help but feel excited considering all the secrets sequestered here over the years."

The ritual of lighting incense is a gesture that marks the beginning of my time in the studio, awakening the senses and helping to focus my attention on the present…what a beautiful vision to witness the smoke emanating from this incense burner’s fine decorative piercings. Looking at this beautiful 19th Century Chinese Contemplation stone I am drawn to its deeply etched folds and occlusions; worlds within worlds, and am lost in reverie.

This contemporary tea bowl is an example of the Japanese wabi sabi aesthetic that I have an affinity with and that is evident in many of my experimental artworks. This Japanese Nara period bowl with gold Kintsugi lacquer repair is a singular expression of the beauty that lies in imperfection. I love everything about this silk mid 20th Century Meisen kimono…I’d like to make a painting based on its singular geometries. This black tea bowl is almost magical to hold; feeling the slight indentations of the maker’s fingertips across its surface, the coolness of the glaze…my breath slows it’s rhythm; I’m reminded of the simple pleasures I must make time in busy life to enjoy.”

Louise Weaver’s works show at the Art Gallery of New South Wales as part of The Lady and the Unicorn until June 24, 2018. Her work will also show as part of the touring exhibition, Soft Core   at the Horsham Regional Gallery from May 19 to July 22, 2018 and Obsessed; Compelled to Make, an Australian Design Centre touring exhibition at the Cairns Regional Gallery from April 15 to June 17, 2018.  

A profile on her work is featured in the current Issue 22 of VAULT Australasian Art and Culture Magazine.

Louise Weaver is represented by Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney.