Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging, a disciplined art where nature and humanity are brought together to emphasize shape, line and form. Traditionally materials are living branches, grasses, leaves and blossoms, beauty resulting from colour, natural, shapes and refined lines. However more modern interpretations have been known to incoporate the use of plastics and other synthetic materials to create sculptural interpretations of organic matter. Ikebana is generally minimalist, an arrangement can be created using just a single stem. The container or vase is an essential element in any Ikebana arrangement and can come in any form and made with a number of different materials, including ceramic and bronze.

Kazari + Ziguzagu stock a range of ikebana vases and containers in a variety of styles and sizes, from antique to contemporary, streamline design to wabi sabi style pottery our stock is ever changing with each new shipment from Japan.